Lawrence Ford

CrossFit Level 1
Get in Touch:

I have been CrossFitting since 2012. Born and raised in Texas. I have an awesome wife and a beautiful daughter, both of whom will cheer you on during your workout. I’m on a quest to find the best donuts in America.

My life has been fundamentally changed due to expert coaching on quality of movement, which took me from walking on a cane to squatting hundreds of pounds, I hope is to pass on that quality of movement to others.

What is your favorite movement/WOD?

Movement: Overhead Squats / WOD: Karen or a heavy chipper

What are some of your goals?

Well a 500 lb squat would be cool.

But ultimately to be a better husband, father, coach, and athlete than last year.

How do you see CrossFit being different than other fitness programs?

I started CrossFit to rehab a knee injury after my daughter was born. I decided I wanted to be able to run and play with her as she grows up.

CrossFit enables people to rediscover what it’s like take joy in moving again, in or outside of the gym.

CrossFit can help anyone reach their specific goals. And as a coach, I strive to help you reach that goal.